Movie Review: Till Death

Don’t underestimate the box office popularity of Megan Fox. The former TRANSFORMERS star spent much of the 2010s fading into obscurity, but since 2019 she has starred in seven feature films and two Machine Gun Kelly videos. At least three more films are in the works too. While it’s highly unlikely that Fox will ever win an Oscar for her acting, she certainly doesn’t sleepwalk through her performances. The same can be said for her latest film, TILL DEATH, where she literally has to do some heavy lifting.

Here, Fox (ROGUE) plays Emma, an erstwhile photographer turned trophy wife of high-powered lawyer and discount store Hugh Jackman, Mark Webster (Eoin Macken, TV’s MERLIN). As the film opens, we learn that Emma is having an affair with Tom (Aml Ameer, THE MAZE RUNNER) but, as it’s her 11th wedding anniversary, she leaves Tom’s hotel room and heads for Mark’s office where she learns that Bobby Ray (Callan Mulvey, TV’s RUSH), the man who tried to rape her ten years earlier, is being released from jail on parole. Tom, though, isn’t concerned with that. He’s got a big evening planned for the two of them that includes a delicious dinner at a fancy restaurant and a gift of a steel choker necklace for Emma. Mark then blindfolds Emma and takes her out to their secluded lake house where candles and rose petals are everywhere. After what we presume to be a night of rekindled romance and passion, Emma wakes up handcuffed to Mark, who then shoots himself in the head. As if being chained to a dead man isn’t inconvenient enough for Emma, a couple of men show up at the house to break into Mark’s safe and kill her. There’s an additional slight problem for Emma: Mark has hidden all their clothes as well as any tool there may have been in the house that could help Emma cut the chain, trashed her phone and drained the gas from their car.

TILL DEATH is exactly what you think it is. It’s not high art, nor is it high suspense, for that matter. We all know how this story will end so it’s just a matter of how it will get there. To his credit, first-time feature director S.K. Dale keeps the action moving along at a reasonable pace and limits the dumbness and unbelievability to a tolerable level. With better writing, TILL DEATH could have been a very effective thriller. As it is though, it’s mildly entertaining and that’s due in a big way to Fox who is totally invested in her role.

TILL DEATH opened in Hong Kong on July 29th in Hong Kong. It’s also available on Amazon Prime Video. There are better things to watch at the cinema and on the streaming services right now than this. If Megan Fox films are your thing though, you could do a whole lot worse than TILL DEATH.

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